Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Glove-One Love: Michael Jackson tribute

This flood of tender memories set forth by the sudden passing of Michael Jackson has taken me somewhat by surprise, setting my fingertips twittering away. Many things have been said about him by many people, but no truer words have been stated on the subject of the king of pop than these. He was like no one the world had ever seen before him. Below is a running commentary taken mostly from my statements on Twitter over the past couple days about a most amazing performer and fascinating individual. Whether you were a fan or not, surely you recognized that stars who shine so brightly come along very few and far between.

* Just turned my computer on and learned about death of Michael Jackson. My youth is officially done. One glove - One love.

* Two well known people in history, for better or worse, never gave up grasp on childhood. Michael Jackson was Peter Pan personified.

* He was rightfully considered by many to be a freak, but Tinseltown & Motown are both full of those. MJ's freaky side was simply more publicized than most. As for the horrendous criminal charges that were brought against him, innocent until guilt proven is the rule of our land. He was convicted of nothing. MJ probably was asexual, not a molester. As bizarre as he came to be seen, it was a strangeness accompanied by the aura of innocence.

* How will I remember Michael Jackson out of all his legendary images? That amazingly talented boy & young man who every black kid idolized.

* As a lover of music and musical performance I remember life before the video for Thriller, and then, the way we SAW music forever changed.

* The ultimate icons of my lifetime to date - Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson. Unlike the first two, the third one didn't get to fulfill his comeback.

* I will ALWAYS remember tribute show for Berry Gordy when the Jackson brothers performed & then gave way to breathtaking Michael Jackson solo performance.

* Have Friday off and finally getting to watch some Wimbeldon action on TV. More gray skies and raindrops outside. TV on mute with Thriller 25 on IPOD. Not a bad way to spend a day at all.

* Young Michael Jackson singing Ben live in Japan. So talented at such a young age. What a gift he was given, one that he certainly didn't squander.

* Did Michael Jackson set himself up to be the butt of jokes? Certainly. The skin lightening, cosmetic surgeries, feminine quality, eccentric behavior, and most damning, the child molestation accusations (which if he was guilty I say good riddance, but like I said before, I don't believe he was). I understand the urge by some to make jokes at his expense, particularly those who aren't huge fans of his music. But bottom line is that a single father of 3 kids died at 50. There simply is nothing funny about that. Feel free not to praise him, feel free not to miss him, but for at least a day or two, don't mock. Is that so much to ask for. Would you not want and expect the same courtesy?

* - Lisa Marie Presley speaks about MJ on her MySpace page. She has interesting, poignant things to say about the man she was once married to.

* Cranked MJ compilation this morning. Great way to get started on sunny day along with cup of coffee. No cuss words to guard my daughter's ears from. Then I went running with his music coming through headphones and although I'm not much of a runner, today I felt like I could keep my legs pumping forever, or at least until the last note.

* Favorite Michael Jackson memory: My first job was as a summer camp counselor. For final day ceremony we put on a show for parents. I was a counselor for kids 7-9. Boys & girls did separate routines. The girls adorably performed Stop in the Name of Love and the boys performed Dancing Machine. Those kids were great. The lead on Dancing Machine was a really talented little guy who did an amazing job of channeling Michael. Rehearsals were a blast and they came through like pros at the show.

* Yes, I once owned a replica of a Michael Jackson jacket received as a Christmas gift. I certainly wasn't the only one.

* Trip to visit family this weekend supposed to be an hour drive but time doubled due to heavy traffic. We found a radio station playing a Michael Jackson marathon so all was good. Easy to lose track of how much great music he produced in his lifetime of arrested boyhood and immeasurable talent.

Michael Jackson did not get to live in much peace but I sure hopes he gets to RIP.

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  1. My heart is heavy, as I watch news footage of you gliding across the stage and gyrating your pelvis,
    At this moment in time this is bigger than the Duke, man, this is bigger than Elvis!
    Though you made your living with words, today there are no words to
    express the way the world feels,
    Right now there is no need to go into your discography
    because it encompasses valleys and hills.
    But where do I begin, should I start with your amazing solo
    career or should I start with the Jackson 5,
    When you were just a cute little boy,
    On stage you were talented and outgoing,
    Yet off stage you were introspective and coy,
    In the 70's, you put the world into a trance with your 'fro and bell bottomed
    jeans as you did the robot,
    Michael, you had everyone at your feet because when you danced and sang you gave all that you got!
    Nat King Cole was a merry ole soul as he sat perched up against mama's old
    wooden phonograph next to Billie Holiday, Roberta Flack and the Jackson's Destiny album,
    Lord, have mercy you all looked so mature, sexy and handsome!
    I am old school and I remember coming home from school putting on your albums,
    These were the days before CD's, MP3 players, Limewire and IPODS,
    Goodness, listening to your music was heaven sent directly from God.
    Ooh wee, or should I say 'hee hee hee' about that pulsating falsetto,
    That reached every country, mansion, island, barrio, prison, hut. village, trailer park, suburb and ghetto!
    You were a great admirer of the legendary James Brown,
    It warmed my heart to see you at an award show holding his crown.
    You ruled the 80's with a glittering iron glove,
    Moon walking into the hearts of millions Moving as gracefully and as freely as a dove.
    Newborns coming into the world already know your name,
    Ailing grandparents in their last days know the same.
    You are Gary¹s finest but the world dubbed you the 'Gloved One'
    BAD and most definitely a THRILLER.
    You are the King of Pop the 'Man In The Mirror!
    You 'rocked our world¹ for over 40 years.
    You gave us such memorable songs as Who¹s Lovin You, Gotta Be There,
    Heart Break Hotel, Butterflies, PYT, Billie Jean, Earth Song, Can You Feel It,
    Working Day And Night, The Girl Is Mine, Say, Say, Say, and we 'Remember The
    Time' you told us that 'We Are The World' and to 'Ease on Down The Road.'
    You sold out football field stadiums and integrated MTV music videos!
    Back in the day we wore your buttons and donned white socks and penny loafers,
    Now here we stand today in shock and sadness but we know your pain is over.
    Michael, we miss you and though you said 'Heaven Can Wait', 'You Are Not
    Alone', and "I Can't Help It, "Human Nature' is the reason that 'I Just Can¹t
    Stop Loving You'.
    You were a great humanitarian a sensitive human being,
    Who came to earth and completed your journey now you can have eternal rest,
    The world loves you 'Gloved One' but the Lord truly knows best.
    We 'Never Can Say Goodbye¹ to you 'Lovely One.'