Friday, October 14, 2016

For Indie Authors Seeking Reviews


I plan to review independently published novels (with perhaps a sprinkle of non-fiction thrown in) on a regular basis when the calendar turns to 2017. No genres barred (reading only one type/genre of book seems extremely dull to me), which is not to say that I will read everything that comes my way. I may take a pass on most queries for I intend to be picky, my selection criteria based strictly on what sounds like "my kind of book". DIVERSITY welcomed, PRINT my preferred format (I might read a PDF on screen in rare exceptions, but when it comes to reading I’m a non-Kindle owning huge fan of ink on paper). In addition to a synopsis I'll want to see a brief excerpt from your book to help me decide. For a taste of my reviewing style, type "book reviews" into the Search bar. Or you can peruse my collection of reviews at goodreads

The world of publishing is a brutal place no matter how you go about it, as I have learned in multiple ways. If you’ve written a masterpiece that literary agents and editors somehow failed to recognize the beauty of, perhaps I can assist in spreading positive word of mouth for it. You got into this after all to be a WRITER who would rather be writing than banging your head against the wall to self promote. I'm well aware that reaching the masses and getting them to give you a chance is no easy task. I’ve certainly appreciated those kind enough to publicly heap kind words upon my prose.

Whether it’s your book or somebody else’s, I’m going to be reading something regardless because I LOVE BOOKS.

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