Friday, January 9, 2015


What are some of your favorite landing spots on Pinterest, Instagram or wherever it is you go in search for book related visuals?  Clicking on the images/words below will bring you to collections that I have compiled at Pinterest with literary inspiration as my guide.  When it comes to words, I spill as many as I can (which is never enough) on a routine basis.  As for pictures, I'm not the guy to come to unless you're in need of some stick figure art.  But I am thrilled to have recently completed my first children's chapter book, with text to be accompanied by illustrations by the one and only Erin Rogers Pickering.  I can't wait to see the finished product (not that I'm nudging Erin to draw/paint any faster than necessary to create artistic masterpieces) and for copies to be in the possession of young readers and parents reading to their children.


“My talent is looking into a woman's eyes and instinctively knowing what I need to. If she's lonely or bored; neglected or abused; timid or adventurous; satisfied or confused; looking to recapture the past or re-invent the present; making plans for tomorrow or merely concerned about tonight. I discover what a woman is looking for and promise it to her. If all she wants is a good time, she gets everything." - from FEEDING THE SQUIRRELS

“Life, like love, holds many secrets for us to discover. Some we unearth early on. Others take us most of our days to stumble upon, even though they are hidden in plain sight.” - from FEEDING THE SQUIRRELS

“My travels have been numerous, though no topographer could chart the shores I have landed upon. For it is not places that have been my destination, but women. I am drawn to them by a force I have never questioned. To their infinite variety of charms I am helpless. But the hold of none has been strong enough to keep me from wandering aimlessly to others.” - from FEEDING THE SQUIRRELS