Thursday, February 25, 2010


Some might argue by turning my own words on me that I've been slow to accept emerging technologies, particularly in the realm of literature. But never let it be said that I'm against anything that puts good writing into the hands of avid readers. I'll leave the choice of whether that reading will be done off paper, screen, or some yet to be invented medium up to the individual. My debut novel Patches of Grey was written out on paper and eventually turned into a printed book that I hold in my hands with pride. Not wanting to leave out those who prefer to save space and trees by maintaining their personal library electronically, I have at last ventured into the digital arena and released Patches of Grey as an ebook that can be purchased at for download to a Kindle. There it joins my novella Feeding the Squirrels which is published exclusively as an ebook by SynergEbooks. I have no idea if I'll (via M.U.D. House Books) ever get around to giving access to my novel to owners of the Sony Reader, iPad, Tablet, etc. Demand will dictate supply, I suppose. For now I'm pleased to announce that Patches of Grey is Kindle accessible. If this puts my book in the possession of readers who would not have otherwise obtained it, I'm absolutely thrilled. As always, happy reading!

- Roy L. Pickering (Author of Patches of Grey: the printed book - the ebook)

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