Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?!!

conducted an informal poll on Twitter amongst ladies only in search of an answer to the following question. What is your favorite sport and why? Sports is supposed to be a guy thing, or at least it used to be. I talk to guys about sports all the time, a tradition passed down to me from my dad. Women allegedly have more profound conversations about feelings / emotions / yada yada. But it has become increasingly apparent to me that women have gotten into sports in a big way, not merely as casual fans, but die hard fanatics just like those of us in possession of the testosterone. So I posed my query and wondered if the leading vote getter would be baseball or basketball or football or golf or tennis or boxing? Turned out that either in spite or because of its violent aspects, the winner was NFL football by a landslide. See below for commentaries. I'm certainly not about to argue with them. I'll simply add -
Go Jets!!!!!

@bermudaonion I love college football!
@GFillustrator I’m late but vote for football.
@ltma nfl football. 1 reason is because of the high production values of the game broadcasts
@PigsknLvngLady #football #NFL It was the first sport taught to me by my brothers and hubby. I won't mention the players...good gawd! LOL
@TeeJay0122 Really late joining the poll and sounds like maybe football has it won, but just wanted to give my vote for boxing. I like to see the passion and fire in their eyes and determination to win. It could be looked at as barbaric but I guess that a lot of sports could really that makes contact...anyway just my two cent vote. :-)
@abetterjulie Baseball a serious first. Football a grudging second. Can't stand basketball. Baseball is just the best.
@MDSteelerGal <-- this is a TRICK question, right? #football
@itsjustgoldie My vote is for basketball.
@girliesportsfan Baseball's my #1
@biblioaddict I'm going to have to debunk your theory and say that my favorite sport is football. I like the drama and action...Although, I do find it a little too violent sometimes. I think there are few things more dramatic than men tackling each other. Though I like basketball, it can't beat that. :)
@TamaraCG I am a big basketball fan but on your football point, it's complicated but you can enjoy it without knowing the details.
@MissChantelle It’s because of the ripped bodies in tight pants acting out in ultimate displays of masculinity. God bless football! Lol.
@pussreboots It's a toss up between baseball and golf. Aussie rules football is also fun to watch but it's hard to follow in the States.
@booknerds Football. By far. Particularly college.
@ScorpioDiva81 FOOTBALL!!!!! The ONLY sport that matters!

Well said, ladies.

Although football won fair and square I'll end this posting with a favorite quote of mine that happens to be by a woman about the sport that's still officially considered to be America's pastime.

"Saying that men talk about baseball in order to avoid talking about their feelings is the same as saying that women talk about their feelings in order to avoid talking about baseball."
--- Deborah Tannen


  1. I love college football - I'm not crazy about the NFL.

  2. Football lives. I love it pro or college, I'll take it how I can get it

  3. Let me put my 2 cents in... I'm a 3 season girl..BASEBALL/Football/Basketball.... But it's really hard for me in Late Aug-Oct to choose..... I luv Sunday Games @ Busch Stadium, but usually find myself in the bed or on the coach all day watching FOOTBALL! LETS GO BEARS!

  4. I prefer to play flag football rather than watch it. Watching the game just puts me to sleep.