Sunday, February 3, 2008

Congratulations New York Giants

When it comes to football, my love of the NY Jets is matched only by my disdain for the New England Patriots. Long before Spygate I felt that their coach was totally lacking in class. He's a sore loser and a bad sportsman and a traitor who can't take nearly as gleefully as he gives. Clearly the man knows his x's and o's, and his disciplinarian attitude has yielded results that cannot be argued against (so long as Tom Brady is slinging the rock for him). But the man is a proven cheater and an undisputed jerk. Even though I felt a Giants Super Bowl victory would further cement the Jets position as second class citizens on their own home turf, I decided this was preferable to watching the Patriots conclude a perfect season as champions of the NFL. Now that the smoke has cleared - the Manning brothers can officially consider themselves in the same class as the Williams sisters, Eli can officially tell Tiki Barber to kiss his a**, Michael Strahan has been rewarded for hanging in there one more season by earning his first Super Bowl victory, Jeremy Shockey's ego has been checked at the door, Don Shula and his undefeated Dolphins team from the 70's get to drink their champagne and do their infantile happy dance when all hope appeared lost, Tom Brady will of course be just fine and continue living a charmed life, Bostonites harshly return to sports reality, fans of the underdog who always pull for David to beat Goliath smile contentedly, and Bill Belichick (who may have outcoached himself by electing not to go for that field goal in a game they ended up losing by 3 points) at long last receives a taste of Humble Pie now that the Giants have shoved it in his face. As for those who get off on idolotry and are bummed by the back to back humanizing of Roger Federer and the Patriots, at least they still have the mastery of Tiger Woods to look up to.

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  1. Shame on Tom Brady and Randy Moss for not participating in the Pro Bowl. They were the best quaterback and wide receiver respectively in the league this year and the fans who voted for them deserve to see them play. Obviously they care far more about their bruised egos than their fans. There will come a day when they'll regret putting pride over sportsmanship and appreciation. They should be showing the world that they are bigger men than the little one who coaches them.