Wednesday, September 14, 2016


A few minutes of your time is all I request to read an excerpt from my soon to be published second novel - Matters of Convenience. It has been submitted to Amazon's Kindle Scout contest and will be eligible to vote on for 30 days starting on September 14th.  A split second is all that's needed to push the button nominating it for publication by Kindle Press.  Peruse book excerpts available in multiple genres for others to your liking as well, with 3 nominations allowed at a time. If Matters of Convenience is offered a publication deal from Kindle Press, a free copy of the Kindle edition will be sent to you as reward from Amazon and THANK YOU from me.

Cover design by Erin Rogers Pickering

The Kindle Scout program has been described as American Idol for books. Rather than singing and dancing for your entertainment I've presented an excerpt (first 5000 words, give or take a few) from Matters of Convenience. Enough nominations from readers for publication puts the decision in the hands of judges at Kindle Press. You get to have a say in what's published, and if a book you nominated is chosen, you land a free copy of it.

It's as easy as ABC, and as bonus there is D.

Step A:  Read the excerpt at Kindle Scout (or if you would rather read the entire book in one shot, simply start with Step B)

Step B:  Nominate to move my book on to the decision makers at Kindle Press

Step C:  If Matters of Convenience receives an offer of publication from Kindle Press, you receive a free copy of the Kindle ed.

Step D:  Regardless of the outcome of the Kindle Scout contest, Matters of Convenience will be published and available for purchase in print and Kindle formats come November 15, 2016.

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