Sunday, May 3, 2015

Murders and Riots and Misdemeanors

I was pleased when Marilyn Mosby chose to file charges against the six police officers who appear to be responsible for injuries that led to the death of Freddie Gray. But when people on social media suggested that this is an example of JUSTICE brought about by RIOTS, this struck me as taking matters too far. There will be no peace without justice. But disruption of peace is not what brings justice about.  It's nothing more or less than a vivid demonstration of our frustration, the "language of the unheard".  We don't need rioting.  What we need is rehabilitation of a very imperfect system.  R.I.P. Freddie Gray.

                                                          THE DIRTY HALF DOZEN

We immediately assumed white cops needlessly assaulted black victim. One look at the picture above says all you really need to know.  Everything in life is not a simple black & white matter.

Kid got half a million dollars bail after turning himself in (by parental demand) for breaking a police car window.  Did Mookie from Do the Right Thing set the Wrong Example? Shouldn't bail for alleged killers be higher than that earned for an act of heated vandalism?  SMDH.

But at least people are making all kinds of new unlikely friends. People seeing each other as people rather than foreigners or enemies is the only true path to justice consistently being served.

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