Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Versus Really Black

This week President Obama did not exactly have a ton of compliments heaped upon him. Mark Halperin, editor-at-large for Time magazine referred to him as "kind of a dick" on a talk show, and Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain declared that Obama isn't "really black". Not as really black as Herman Cain feels himself to be anyway. I've discussed my feelings here before [example #1 - example #2] about labeling an African American "less black" than others due to one idiotic set of criteria or another, so no need to go down that road again. People of most other ethnicities have no idea how lucky they have it not needing to address this matter time and time again. The issue happens to be a central one examined in my novel Patches of Grey (latest review of it can be found here) so while I can always come up with more points to make on the subject, I'd rather not beat a dead horse (what an awful expression). Instead I present the images below and leave it up to you to choose which of these individuals is "really black" and which are merely pretenders to the ambiguous throne.

And to decide who is and who most definitely is not invited to the metaphorical cook-out?





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