Thursday, July 8, 2010

What you up to, LeBron?

My blog allows me to speak publicly about the wonder of the world that is LeBron James, and my beloved Twitter allows me to speak not only of him but TO him. Are you listening, LBJ? If so, the following is what I have to say to you and fellow basketball fans.

"…a high % of sports fans hold little interest in parity. They want a clearly defined best team, a dynasty, led by an easily recognizable star, its emperor." I wrote these words in '01 in response to false Michael Jordan comeback rumor.

Do NBA fans want to see 3 of the game's elite (far more stacked than Boston's Big 3 or even Jordan, Pippen, Rodman) join forces to dominate league?

Do you like parity in sports, to wonder which team has what it takes to come out on top? Or do you prefer obvious supremacy from get go?

Do you prefer when 2-3 guys a team drafted grow into elite status & create a formidable team, or is free agent shopping spree fine by you?

Ideally I like to see homegrown talent blossom with a couple key acquisitions made to fortify (see '86 Mets for prime example).

Breaking News: Every NBA team has fired every player on their roster & are now all sufficiently under the cap to sign LeBron & his entourage.

Mel Gibson has courtside seats at Bulls, Heat, Nets & Cavs games but isn't allowed in Madison Square Garden. #FoodForThoughtForLeBron

Sign #LeBron & co-stars, meet Lakers in Finals, end reigns of Kobe & Phil Jackson for good. The mission is clear. #Knicks

I wonder if way back in 1776 our forefathers & foremothers realized that Independence Day weekend would eventually be all abt NBA free agency.

Nice of Knicks not to wait on announcing Amar’e signing. He deserves moment in sun prior to LeBron signing, at which point earth stops spinning.

I think LeBron should make his decision based on loyalty. Two teams have shown an abundance to him over his career, the Cavs and the Knicks.

The Knicks have assembled teams in recent years good enough to get 8th or 7th seed, but they kept dismantling squad & kept eyes on ultimate prize.

The Knicks strategy is unprecedented, I think. They put all their eggs in one basket, neither rebuilding nor quick fixing, just maintaining a holding pattern during which they’ve sabotaged all chances of improvement in the name of cap space preservation.

The Knicks have almost acted as if a secret deal has been in place all along. Fans kept supporting team of rented players while keeping faith in long term plan.

Obviously any team in NBA would love to have LeBron, but only the Knicks have made public a multi-year strategy to wait for chance to get him.

Will LeBron be a super rich, super famous, superstar anywhere he plays? YES. Is NY the greatest city on earth? YES. To play in? YES, when you win.

LeBron either has burning desire to be the ultimate hometown hero, or else he wants to rule Metropolis like Superman, emperor of Empire State.

If Nets were already in Brooklyn, maybe odds are 33% Nets, 33% Knicks, 33% Cavs, 1% retirement. Since they aren't (Newark, NJ just doesn’t cut it and Brooklyn is nice, but simply not synonymous with NYC the way Manhattan is), Cavs or Knicks it should be.

Newark, NJ already has coolest mayor ever in @CoryBooker - so it would be unfair if they also landed LeBron.

If LeBron goes elsewhere such as Chicago or Miami this story strikes me as having a lame ending. Not just as a Knicks fan but as a storyteller.

If LeBron doesn't come to NYK, Dolan & Walsh will be Lucille Ball, fans will be Desi, Lucy will have plenty of 'splainin to do about last few years.

If LeBron has so much love for hometown team he's played whole career for, why put them through this hellish circus?

How unfair is it that @kingjames has WAY more followers than me even though my tweet game is so much stronger?

What team will you sign with @kingjames? If you're concerned about putting your biz out in public domain, DM me. You'll need to follow me 1st though.

Reading "Why Lebron Will Go To NYK" articles is the equivalent of porn for Knicks fans. Or is it just me?!

LeBron refuses to give journalists the tip they crave. Eventually he'll sign with someone, but he's ticked off those who buy ink by the barrel.

WTF holds a press conference to announce they're staying where they've been all along? If LeBron remains a Cav he's getting #PimpSlapped

Will LeBron beat around the bush for 55 minutes to build drama before finally making announcement at end of his show? That would be a tad overkill, no?

My prediction is that LeBron will reveal on Thursday that he's still thinking about it, then bring out Brett Favre who'll reveal "me too".

People who ordinarily know nada & could care less about basketball are talking about LeBron. He has set the stage nicely. #JordanTigerApproved

It doesn't matter if LeBron has won championship rings yet. The only important thing to him is nailing performance of Man in the Mirror on Thursday. We already know he can dance like MJ. Practice your bawling LBJ, not just your ballin’.

LeBron James will do just fine no matter who he picks. Unless he picks Sarah Palin, that is.

LeBron is going to sign with some team and make a bunch of money just because he's black and black people get everything. #RushLimbaughLogic

Those who believe LeBron will team up with Bosh & Wade believe titles are most important to him, not proving he's game's best.

You can't believe that LeBron has a giant ego AND that he's ready to concede his only shot at title is by playing for an All Star team.

We already know LeBron can win it all when teamed with best of best (see US Olympic Dream Team)? Can he win with merely a solid squad?

How does LeBron continue being LeBron if he has to share the ball with Wade who deserves & will demand it just as much if not more?

LeBron and Bosh makes sense to me, as does LeBron and Amar'e, as does LeBron staying put. But All Star team in Miami? Not so much.

Of course plenty of things that make little sense to me end up happening anyway. I'm making no predictions just sharing my two cents. Okay, perhaps I’ve gone a bit over two cents by this point.

If LeBron joins up to win with Wade & Bosh he simply can't be next Jordan or Kobe. He can't be next Tim Duncan. Barely the next Paul Pierce.

There's no such thing as a co-King. You're either The King or you're one of many subjects.

Prince was right!!!! The internet is going away. Or rather, it's getting a new name. Starting tomorrow we'll be surfing the LeBronet.

Only thing these NBA star summits have been about is establishing timing of individual press conferences, not creation of SuperFriends team. But one never knows, do one?

My respect for LeBron is gone if after all this fuss he stays in place, or if he teams up with D-Wade rather than challenges him for dominance.

So ESPN couldn't or simply refused to send camera crew & reporter to Akron? 'Course not. Why travel to CT to announce that you're staying in OH?

I'm pulling for LeBron to end up on Knicks but can respect (unhappily) if he chooses Bulls or Nets instead. If it's Heat or Cavs, he's an idiot. #PointBlank #ReasonsHaveBeenClearlyStated

As if Twitter wasn't addictive enough before this LeBron craziness. Damn damn damn!

Beware Marbs encore! RT @ShamSports This time last year the biggest thing happening in world of the NBA was Stephon Marbury eating Vaseline.

We're all officially no longer allowed to make fun of Brett Favre.

If LeBron joins Wade & Bosh on Heat, "F Miami" is my new battle cry that I'm sure millions will join me in. Go Kobe, Go Howard, Go anyone else!

Granted "F the Heat" was already one of my battle cries, and not only on these 100+ degree days here in NYC, but ante will be upped big time.

Jordan didn't need to team up with Olajuwan & Malone, just needed a quality wingman and some spare complimentary parts. #JustSaying

Ideally, Wade+Bosh in Miami; LeBron+Amare in NY; Rose,Noah,Boozer+ in Chicago makes for reasonable parity & great rivalries in East.

It will be real nice if the Knicks obtain player who in all likelihood will be the NBA's best over next decade. But I'll settle for any players who make them relevant again. Also, I've changed my mind. Continue poking fun at Brett Favre if you wish. It's fun and the last thing I want to be is a buzzkill.

Is the way LeBron's handling this whole DECISION matter an eensy teensy bit overdramatic? Of course. But you'll find no mockery from me about it. He may manipulate the media however he wishes in whatever ways he's able, but he can't force the public to be riveted to his every calculated, strategized move. He guessed that we'd be fascinated by his plans and the rationale behind them, and the plain truth is, he guessed right.

RT @KingJames Good Morning! It's your chance to ask me a question about my decision, use #lebrondecision to submit and I'll answer them tonight.

Mr. James, my questions to you are – 1) Did you really think declaring yourself “King” was a good idea, even if you’re just claiming the kingdom of Akron for now? 2) Do you really want people to view you as NBA royalty? If so, do it the way prior kings have since the formula is a proven one. Lead a team that you’re clearly the best player on to multiple titles. My recommendation is the New York Knicks.

Final Note: LeBron is and will be a Superstar no matter what his next move is, but his buddy Jay Z is right - Everyday a star is born.

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  1. LOL! You gave this a lot thought! Now, back to the Jets.