Saturday, January 2, 2010

Aspirations for 2010 and beyond

The following list was originally stated on my beloved Twitter one tweet at a time. I'd love to receive plenty of responses to this posting providing hopes of your own. Farewell 2009. Onward and upward.

* Technology is great & all, but in 2010 I'd rather get verified news half an hour later than bogus stories courtesy of hackers and PR people ASAP.

* I'm hoping that 2010 marks a return to the integrity of information. What good is living in the Information Age if the info we receive is often faulty?

* Instead of another Harry Potter or Twilight pop lit phenom, how about another To Kill a Mockingbird or Catcher in the Rye for 2010?

* May 2010 mark the return of television programs with scripts & acting. Yeah, I know reality TV has both of those but you know what I mean.

* Instead of an athlete or singer or actor, how bout we herald the actions of a great doctor, inventor, scientist, teacher, or activist in 2010.

* In 2010 instead of focusing on what divides us, how about a little more attention to what unites us?

* In 2010 instead of focusing on what will be the hot new electronic reading device, how bout vanquishing illiteracy in US and beyond?

* In 2010 if there must be 3000 award shows can we at least arrange for Kanye to interrupt somebody at each one for entertainment value?

* In 2010 I hope a pill is invented that causes you to lose those 10 extra pounds if you read at least 5 adult books. #MightBeOnToSomething

* I don't know how many people really NEED a Kindle, but every young kid in our ghettoes does NEED a computer to help climb out of the mire.

* In 2010 don't pretend racism against Blacks has ceased to exist. But when aimed in the reverse direction it's still racism. Needs to end in every direction.

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