Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ménage à 20 (Twenty Goodreads Authors)

I'm thrilled to announce the publication of Ménage à 20: Tales with a Hook. This short story anthology features 20 writers who are all members of the wonderful web site - Ménage à 20 (or M20) can be be obtained as a free ebook download or purchased as a printed book (either paperback or casebound edition) at I'm a print guy myself, but to each his own. For some reason I warm up to new technologies rather slowly. I still take photographs with a 35 mm camera (my wife owns the lone digital camera in our household), have a cell phone that merely makes calls and sends text messages (no mobile internet access that fits in my pocket yet), and although I do own an iPod that is already considered an antique model (my wife won it in a contest), it was only just the other day that I first purchased/downloaded songs to it from the internet. Up until then my music library consisted of tunes burned to my computer from those relics known as CDs and then transferred to the iPod. No doubt I'll eventually do some reading on an eReader of some sort (I am the author of a novella sold exclusively in electronic format, after all), but eventually is no doubt a good ways off. I digress though, as the purpose of this posting is to let you know about a great new book that I highly recommed to readers who love stories with a twist/surprise ending. My tale in the anthology is "Double Fault". Find out more about M20, which would make a wonderful Christmas gift by the way, at

- Roy

p.s. - I wonder how many new Tiger Woods mistresses have crawled out of the woodworks in the time it took me to write this posting.

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