Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fight Over Award for Peace

Once again, my thoughts one edited tweet at a time. Congratulations @BarackObama

1st black President: Check; Nobel Peace prize: Check; Best jump shot ever for a POTUS: CHECK; Cured cancer: Give him a few more months people.

Sometimes Peace Prize is awarded for promises made that committee hopes you'll keep, rather than for past accomplishments. Optimism prize.

As 1st black President, Obama was already expected to walk on water & end recession by multiplying a single loaf of bread. And now he's an Oscar winner!

Nobel Peace Prize - Academy Award, more or less same thing, right? My point is, ridiculously high expectations thrust upon our President are now even higher. Good luck & God bless.

If you're dissing POTUS for audacity of being given an award keep in mind that you're just joining chorus of those dissing him for audacity of being black.

Not to say that criticizing the President makes you either racist or "ungrateful". Just saying Obama has a massive agenda & it's not like he stole the award, he was deemed worthy by impartial jury.

Here's a sports analogy regarding Obama's presidency. It took David Stern quite a bit longer than 9 months to rehabilitate the NBA, and the U.S.A. is a whole lot bigger than the NBA.

Living in this ATM-fast food-DSL era, people have already forgotten days of waiting in bank lines on Saturday, waiting for food to be cooked, dial up internet service.

Not everything can happen in the time span of a tweet. Patience is not just a virtue, it's a necessity

I'm giving Obama 1 full year before officially weighing in on whether he's the Messiah or not, much like I give new sitcoms at least 3 episodes.

Perhaps peace prize should've been given belatedly to whoever first suggested 2-term limit for presidency. Otherwise Bush might have stuck around.

People believe in possibility of things like the Bermuda triangle, Loch Ness monster, Big Foot; they question whether earthlings are alone in the universe or co-tenants with Mork from Ork and ALF; debate who really capped J.F. Kennedy. That's because most of us love a good mystery. On my deathbed at age 115 I’ll still be trying to solve the two greatest puzzlers of all. How did Bush manage to get elected? How’d he get RE-ELECTED?!

And to think that just days ago people were mocking President Obama as impotent for not bringing Olympics to Chicago EVEN WITH Oprah's help. Apparently he still has some power and influence left after all.

With every future decision Obama makes he may pause to wonder: "What would a Nobel Peace Prize winner do in this situation?" That's gotta be a good thing, right?

Obama protected America & rest of world from being 1 heartbeat away from a Palin presidency. If that doesn't warrant Nobel...

Watching political shows on CNN & MSNBC I saw reactions of clowns like Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck & Michael Steele to Obama winning Nobel Peace Prize. Still shaking my head.

I find it completely reasonable to be a republican or indie voter who has not drunk the Obama Kool Aid and has legitimate differences of opinion with his agenda.

I also consider it reasonable to find fault with Peace Prize committee, feeling the President simply has not done enough to warrant it.

There are plenty of people who in general are supportive of Obama who nonetheless feel Peace Prize was premature at best, & I totally get that.

But at the very least, as an American shouldn't one be mildly pleased to downright proud that the democratically elected leader of our country is so highly regarded around the world?

If President of USA is highly respected by international community then we as Americans are now more respected than we've been in the preceding 8 years. That should be seen as a good thing unless you prefer to be regarded as an arrogant idiot.

So even if you're a Conservative right wing republican with bible in one hand and constitutionally protected gun in the other, I simply don't get why Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize provides you with nothing but motivation to mock. Yet this seems to be the case.

Regardless of tax bracket, views on abortion, gay marriage, etc., anyone with ability to think rationally therefore must conclude the GOP is currently anti-American. What other reasonable explanation is there? What's good for the country has become irrelevant to them. Only what's bad for our President (which by extension is bad for the country) is appreciated and hailed.

What else is a delusional pot to do of course but call the kettle black? Hence Obama is called a socialist, Nazi, etc.

Bush II was worst POTUS ever. Disagreed with him on most issues. Didn't think he was a particulary bright man, at least not by standards set in place for leader of the most powerful nation in the world. But I never once thought to question his patriotism.

"Our President is a world wide joke." - Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is basically Howard Stern with political tirades substituted for sophomoric sex jokes and potty talk. He's a football guy, a Miss America judge, a junkie, a real Jack of all trades but master of none.

Is Rush Limbaugh the guy you want to be your moral compass and official spokesperson? Can you proclaim yourself a devoted supporter of his with a straight face? Really? Is Glenn Beck doing anything other than yelling "fire" in a movie theater for a living? How does Michael Steele manage to go about his business without ever accidentally looking in a mirror and becoming overwhelmed with shame?

"President Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize. By any reasonable measure all Americans should be proud." - Rachel Maddow

Well said, Rachel. Now that’s more like it. The pride she speaks of should not belong exclusively to the democratic party or be designated strictly for liberals. The Nobel Peace Prize has not diminished in value like a Grammy turning into a BET award because Obama won one. As Americans we should all be able to put partisan bickering aside for a moment. It shouldn't take only a national tragedy like Pearl Harbor or 9/11 to force unity of spirit upon us. Citizenship of this country is supposed to be our shared honor, and the promotion of peace should be something we're unanimously in favor of.

~ ~ ~

If you're raising your voice in anger over recipient of Nobel Peace Prize, you've already proven you have no idea what a peace prize is for.

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- Roy Pickering (Author of Patches of Grey)

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